Our Aim

For those affected by cancer, work is important. A job can restore a sense of normality and wellbeing as well contributing to financial independence, but many cancer survivors find returning to work a struggle as they deal with cancer’s short or longer term side effects.

For carers, things can be just as difficult. Few employers have a carers’ policy and many carers are hesitant to ask for time off work in case it affects their employment prospects.

Employers often find it tough too – knowing the right thing to say and when, and what to do. Getting it wrong can prove expensive or significantly damage your company’s reputation.

Our aim at MyMuse is to ease the transition that occurs when life changes in such a dramatic way. Our team of advisors would also be able to assist  through their knowledge, whether it be medical impacts, psychological or physical using external consultants when required that understand the philosophy of MyMuse.  



19% of the total disease burden in Australia*

*AIHW (2016)


Estimated to rise by 2020

1 in 2 people will be diagnosed with cancer by their 85th birthday*

2.7 Million 

unpaid carers in Australia

32% of these were primary carers. 56% also participated in the workforce and have a paid income paying job*